• Keynote 1: Rui Melo Biscaia - Watchful Software

    a. Title: “The fundamental principle of Information Protection & Control”

    b. Abstract: Hardening the network to keep attackers out does not suffice anymore. While it remains necessary IT practice, it takes no account of two very important and inescapable truths – users are always inside the perimeter, and those authorized users can cause significant damage. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) who ignore this ‘insider threat’ to information security fail to tackle possibly the most fundamental persistent threat – that of a breach orchestrated by one or more of the organization’s own users. Regardless of intent, security breaches caused by insiders can be devastating to any organization. If the greatest threat isn’t the ‘bad guys’ breaking into the network, but the ‘good guys’ letting the information out, how do CIOs control what happens to the data?

  • Keynote 2: Maria João Meira - Habilus Citius

    a. Title: “The H@bilus/Citius in the new paradigm of the relationship with Justice”

  • Keynote 3: Paulo Solinho Barbosa - Visual Work

    a. Title: “Closing the Gaps”

    b. Abstract: Consumers are no longer where they used to be, and brands need to be where consumers are. Social commerce brings a new territory for brands, but also new challenges and opportunities. Facestore is an E-commerce platform targeted to Social Commerce. This innovation offers a fully integrated solution to direct selling on Facebook. Facestore platform is available on an easy and intuitive Backoffice, which allows installing the Facebook application (Facestore app) on a Facebook page and managing and monitoring all online store activity.