Air Connections to Porto

Porto' International Airport is located 15 kms away from the city centre to which it is connected by metro, aerobus and taxi. Additional connections via Lisbon are made easier thanks to multiple daily flights between the two cities.

Distance from Lisbon: 317 km
Distance from Vigo: 152 km

International Airlines: Air France, Air Nostrum, Air Transat, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Egyptair, Iberia, Lufthansa, Luxair, SATA International, Swiss Air, TAAG, TAP Air Portugal. Low Cost: Aigle Azur, Air Berlin, easyJet, Ryanair, Royal Air Maroc, Transavia.


Taxis are usually beige-ivory color, although some vehicles to run black with green roofs, the traditional colors of the taxis in Portugal. The price is indicated in the taximeter, and fares are displayed inside the car or the driver may be requested. A call from a taxi by telephone requires a fee of 0.80 Euros, and transport of luggage in the baggage door, means an additional amount of 1.60 Euros, regardless of the number of packages and weight. The transportation of cradles, baby carriages and wheelchairs or auxiliary means of transportation is free. Outside the towns the transport by taxi is paid per kilometer, and the value is agreed between the driver and passenger. The toll-way and return, if any, are paid by the customer. A tip is voluntary and is a usual value of about 5 to 10% or the rounding of the value payable.

• Road transport

Portugal has a good road network consists of motorways (AE), main routes (IP), Routes Committee (IC), National Roads (EN) and municipal roads. All the motorways are marked with the symbol and equipped with tolls, whose prices can consult in Brisa or Aeatlantico. In case of breakdown or accident on the motorway can ask for help via Tel: 808 508 508
Tolls have a Via Verde - an innovative electronic toll system that allows you to pay by bank debit card, which is intended only to holders of an identifier to track green, previously purchased in the breeze. Get maps for your trips with the help of viamichelin.

• Rail

The (CP - Trains of Portugal ), offers a vast network of trains covers the whole continental Portuguese, also providing international connections to Vigo, Madrid and Paris. There are several options to meet the needs of each: - Trains of high-end "Pendular Alfa", the connection is faster and more comfortable between Lisbon and the Algarve, and the north of the country, with Porto or Braga stopping in Coimbra. The service "Intercity" offers links to main Lisbon-Porto-Braga
A vast network of regional trains, inter-regional and suburban that ensure a wide coverage of the entire national territory


Regular bus services connect all cities, towns and main villages of Portugal. For detailed information on routes, schedules and prices do not hesitate to consult the National Network of Rede Expresso.

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