In this workshop we present the plasticity inherent in the exercise of letterpress and their subsequent integration into a binding process, through manipulation, composition and interpretation of movable type


The main goal is to explore the visual expression of typefaces. This exploration will take place inside the printing matrix, through an exercise of conversion of letters into visual symbols to obtain a final image which will be the subject of the letterpress printing.


We also intend to explore the binding process, using manual techniques in order to build a graphical object that contains the prints obtained in the previous step.


We expect everyone to take home an artifact that reflects the enthusiasm with which they explored this art.

With the technical support of 4 Gráfica Diário do Minho professionals.


8 hours


Gráfica Diário do Minho, Braga (there will be a bus taking the participants from IPCA do Braga and back).

Has a Degree in Communication Design (1999) and a Master in Multimedia Arts (2008) from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto.


Teaches Graphic Design Project since 2009 at IPCA and Graphic Design and Photography at the Art School of Soares dos Reis in Porto since 1999.


Taught Typography in ESAP – Superior Art School of Porto (2007–2009).


Founded in 2000 the studio Sha Design, working in Communication Design.


Holds interests in the area of ​​letterpress and has participated in the II National Meeting of Typography in Aveiro and as a collaborator in the Workshop "letterpress", in the III Meeting of Typography in Porto.


Has an artistic career which combines photography, multimedia art

and communication design.


Has individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal and abroad, since 1994. Has been awarded several times, namely: MAP Award – Art and Technology in 2007 (jointly organized by the Faculties of Engineering

and Fine Arts, Univ. Porto, Catholic Univ., Univ. of Aveiro and the

Univ. of Texas at Austin); Honorable Mention Award in photography in Vespeira, Montijo, 2002; Award-Acquisition of Regents of the University

of Porto in 2000 (Collection of The Museum of Fine Arts Faculty of the University of Porto).


Lives and works in Porto.


Degree in Graphic Design at IPCA – Polytechnic Institute of Cávado

and Ave – School of Technology, Barcelos (nearing conclusion).


Professional in the graphic arts industry since 1996.


Lecturer in Special Techniques in Art School of Soares dos Reis, Porto,

in the areas of Offset and Letterpress printing since 1999.


Assistant in the areas of Offset Lithography and Letterpress Printing

in the postgraduate course in Printing Techniques for FBAUP – Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Porto in 2005.


Provided technical support in the Workshop “letterpress”, during the

III Meeting of Typography, Porto, 2012.