Expression of Interest ICT4SILVER

Welcome to the Expressions of Interest in the scope of the INTERREG project ICT4SILVER application form.

If you are applying as a consortium remember each consortium partner must submit an application form.

Application form

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Presentation of the applicant

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If your organization is a SME, please upload a SME attest document

Activity presentation

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Organization presentation

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Short English Product and Organization presentation

Please provide here a short presentation of the product/solution and your organization*

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Presentation of the product or service

Provide a description of the product or service expected to be tested

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Silver Economy Need/Topic addressed by your product or service and how it’s an answer to it.

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Description of the individual components (parts, assemblies, items) composing the expected product/service, and how they operate together [if applicable, otherwise write “Not Applicable”].

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Justification of the claimed level of TRL components and products/service.

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Technical specificities of the product/service to be tested.

Provide a detailed presentation/description (including use) of the product/service to be tested (maximum 2 pages pdf document).

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Usage specification*

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Required test environment and conditions necessary at the living lab for supporting the pilot.

Elements allowing an evaluation of the business strategy: price, distribution channel, production capacity, business plan etc. (max of 4 pages)

Elements proving you own the technology or you have the rights of exploitation (max of 2 pages), or legal statement by the organization declaring the product has not yet been registered and that the organization owns all rights to the technology/product/service.