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GECAMB 2014 is a Portuguese CSEAR (Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research) Conference.

One of the main goals of the Conference is to share knowledge about new instruments, policies and strategies aimed at sustainable development, emanated from the interdisciplinary domains of Accounting, Economics and Environmental Planning and Management.

Another relevant goal of the Conference is the promotion of a constructive and informal ambience, in order to encourage critical reflection and discussion about these matters.

GECAMB 2014 will also include a meeting dedicated to a debate concerning PhD and Masters Projects in this area.

This meeting shall allow young investigators to present their research projects and/or first results, which will be subject to analysis and discussion by an examiner.



Corporate governance

Environmental cccounting and reporting

Environmental auditing

Environmental cost accounting

Environmental economy

Environmental management

Environmental law

Ethics and social responsibility

Green taxation

Social and environmental education

Social and environmental marketing

Sustainable development

Tourism and sustainability